At Incorvaia & Associates, we want to help you set up the business entity that will bring the most flexibility, liability protection and tax savings in your price range. We have set up hundreds of C and S-Corporations, limited liability companies and limited partnerships and are well versed in the benefits of each. We will help you set up a business entity that best serves your interests and includes:

  • Optimal tax savings
  • Flexibility in structuring owners’ rights, management and control
  • Secure liability protection
  • Cost effective rates for business entity formation

Once we have a thorough understanding of how you want to structure the business ownership and establish operational rights, Incorvaia & Associates works quickly to get your entity up and running. Our creative approach is guaranteed to help you establish the business that will best serve your needs for years to come. Many of our business formation clients have relied on our firm for ongoing legal counsel throughout the lives of businesses that have succeeded for 20 to 30 years or longer.

For a face-to-face consultation focused on your business formation, we invite you to contact us.