5 Myths of Low Income Housing-video July 2016
Listen to Joel Incorvaia of Incorvaia & Associates and Nicki Cometa of Affirmed Housing Group discuss the 5 Myths of Low Income Housing among other related points on ESPN Talk Truth Radio. [embed][/embed]...
Bad Fences-Good Neighbors: Advice on Repairing Boundary Improvements and Maintaining Good Relationships With Your Neighbor (1/12/16)
In Southern California, most of us live in homes where we share a fence, wall or landscaping with our neighbors. Our homes are often located in close proximity to our adjoining neighbors, and we rely upon the wall, fence, trees or landscaping to provide us with privacy and improve our outdoor living space. We are all familiar with the old adage, “Good fences make good neighbors.” But when fences, landscaping...